The Dartmoor Way 100 – ‘The Full Circle’ has been in the planning for almost three years. It has finally come to fruition, and with the creation of this unique event we believe we have a whole new experience in Dartmoor Trail Running. The brief was to create the most challenging and adventurous way to circumnavigate the Moor within a 100 mile event following well defined tracks, trails, quiet green lanes and minor roads. A complete tour, encompassing as many typically Dartmoor and not-to-be-missed places as possible, a landscape dotted with picture postcard villages steeped in myths and legend.

The FULL CIRCLE visits a myriad of Moorland landmarks and villages and crosses an intense diversity of terrain, from the satellite leafy woodland glades to meandering riverside trails and sections of open moorland where you will feel a true sense of place.

With the Dartmoor Way 100 and Dartmoor Granite 50, we wanted to create something very special for ultra-distance runners, and we wanted to do it the right way. A way that was true to ourselves primarily as runners and secondly as race organisers. Our take on it was that there had to be a purpose, an end-game. Not simply to run 100 miles. Starting a long race needs a motivation, an incentive. Its a journey of’s an adventure.! The motivation, we believe, would not merely be in the running but also in that journey. The reward would be in the discovery and the adventure of touring the periphery of the whole of Dartmoor – the last wild place in Southern England.

DARTMOOR Way 100 ‘The Full Circle’